Curly Horse Ranch

Juniper Hills, California


Welcome to Curly Horse Ranch, home of the world famous parade group, The Classic Curly Riders. Curly Horse Ranch is located an hour north of Los Angeles in Southern California high desert region known as the Antelope Valley, which is at the western edge of the great Mojave Desert. Up in the foothills, at an elevation of approximately 4,500 feet, we specialize in training, competing, promoting, and selling registered American Bashkir Curlies,

The curly coat of a Curly Horse is what distinguishes it most from all other horse breeds. Curly Horses have coats in varying degrees of curliness. Many coat patterns have been observed, from a crushed velvet effect, to a perfect Marcel wave to extremely tight curls over the entire body. It is the winter coat of long curls that most represents a Curly. Their body coats shed out in the summer and become wavy or fairly straight on their bodies.

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Tiffany Washington Beechinor & Takoda Moon at
Americas Favorite Trail Horse 2012 Pro Division

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